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Outcome Measures

Professional O&P utilizes two types of patient outcome measures.  

1.  Performance Based measures capture a snapshot of the user's capabilities at a single point in time.

2.  Self-reported measures are survey-based reports that obtain the patient's perceived abilities.  

Why Is It Necessary?

Outcomes are an essential part of documenting a patient rehabilitation, progression, or regression. Important knowledge about the impact of the intervention may be lost at clinics that choose to not conduct proper outcome measures, leaving the patient's future to suffer. At Professional O&P our mission is to serve our community with the best O&P care available. We feel outcome measures allow us to formulate a care plan that leads to more patient success stories.   

Prosthetic Difference

Professional O&P is the most technologically advanced clinic in Kansas. The Manhattan Clinic has a 3D Create 5400 Prosthetic printer ready to make your next socket. Brandon utilize digital scanning, and modification techniques to increase speed and precision. The combination of digital technologies, higher education, and outcome measures at Professional O&P is setting new boundaries for success in Kansas.

Orthotic Difference

Professional O&P clinics utilize Elaine Owes teachings to direct clinical care for all ages of lower extremity orthoses. Practicing these evidenced based principles matched with performance based outcomes insures our orthotic patients a true success story.  

Pediatric Care That Matters

Some parents choose to travel hundreds of miles to a pediatric brace maker.  Brandon has worked for Shriners and Dynamic O&P both facilities with primary focus on top pediatric O&P care. "Our focus is to offer world class care right here at home." Brandon L. Smith 

Professional O&P Create 5400 3D Printer


Bringing 1st rate technologies to Kansas

Located in Manhattan KS Professional O&P strives to increase patient outcomes through new technological advances. We strive to increase care while still maintaining our small town mentality.  



New Products

*Prosthetic inner liners

*Custom covers

*Diagnostic sockets

*Upper extremity prostheses

*Custom upper limb orthoses


Our new technologies open possiblities

O&P clinics are seeing the benefits of digital production every day. It’s quantifiable, adjustable and reproducible. Our door is open to change your life's possibilities. Contact us today for your free consultation.


Professional O&P Comprehensive Care Program

Start Your Success Story Here

Professional O&P establishes a set of clinical standards that puts the patient's needs first.

We offer unique to your needs clinical plans for our prostheses, orthoses, mastectomy, and therapeutic shoes.  

Every patient has their own story and we want to help in any way we can.  Professional O&P creates specific care program that is tailored just for you. Professional O&P care programs are established during the first free patient consultation.

Key considerations of the program are the patient's needs, availability, and their personal situations.   

This comprehensive care program is to ensure that our patient's needs are met with the most desirable outcomes, setting up rehabilitation goals, and realistic timelines to guarantee you receive the best care you deserve.   

Professional O&P utilizes the use of outcome measures, evidence based practice, and patient centered care standards that allow us to track your progress.

Come see us to start your Professional O&P success story today.  

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Professional O&P strives to meet your needs by offering extended hours and Saturday appointments when needed.