Products and Services


Pre/Post Operative Prosthetic Consultation

Limb Shrinkers  / Immediate Post-Op Fittings

Upper extremity prostheses

     --body powered and myo-electric designs

Trans-tibial prostheses

Trans-femoral prostheses

Microprocessor knees and ankles

Symes and partial foot prostheses

Mastectomy prostheses (by a certified mastectomy fitter)


Spinal Orthoses

     --CO (Cervical)

     --CTLSO (Cervical, thoracic, lumbosacral)

     --TLSO (thoracic, lumbosacral)

     --LSO (lumbosacral)

Upper Extremity Orthoses

     --SO (shoulder)

     --EO (elbow)

     --EWHO (elbow, wrist, hand)

     --WHO (wrist, hand)

     --HO (hand)

     --upper extremity fracture orthoses

Knee Orthoses

     --KO (knee)

          --Athletic KO

          --Non-articulating post-op KO

          --OTC  Orthotics

     --KAFO (knee, ankle, foot)

     --HO (hip)

     --lower extremity fracture orthoses

Lower Extremity Orthoses

     --AFO (ankle, foot)

          --CVA, TBI disorders


     --FO (foot)


          --Flat feet

          --Plantar Fasciitis


     --SMO (supra-malleolar)

     --Diabetic/Therapeutic Footwear

          --Compression Stockings

          --Diabetic Stockings

     --Neuropathic Walker

     --Tone/Contracture Management


Along with a full range of pediatric orthoses as listed above, we offer the following services for our pediatric patients:

     --Cranial Molding Helmets, using the SmartSock scanning system to ensure the most accurate, comfortable fit for the child.

     --Scoliosis Bracing.


Comprehensive Therapeutic Shoe Program


Comprehensive Therapeutic Shoe Progam

Heartland's Comprehensive Therapeutic Shoe Program is an integral part of managing a patient's diabetic foot care. Our ABC Certified staff is here to help guide diabetics to well-fitting shoes and supportive foot orthotics. Heartland O & P is proud to provide your Comprehensive Therapeutic Shoe Program. To ensure your Success Story, follow the three simple steps below:

Steps To Success:

  • Step One: Call our office to arrange an appointment to discuss your wants and needs at 785-320-2320.
  • Step Two: Download and print the patient forms for your physician from this site.
  • Step Three: Schedule an appointment with your diabetic physician to discuss your story and need for diabetic footwear and orthotics. Be sure to take the forms you printed to him or her to complete and give back to you. 

Insurance Qualifications and Coverage

To ensure a covered success story, Heartland O & P follows all Medicare guidelines for therapeutic shoes and footcare. Patients must first qualify for this program with a certified physician's statement (Step 3). Once qualifying conditions are met, Heartland's expert staff  will do everything possible to ensure coverage. 

Potential Cost To You

Should you have any questions regarding our financial policy, please contact our office at 785-320-2320.